Creepy robots


when I was a kid I was afraid of many things, but none of the typical. I was afraid of global warming, black holes and of course, I was afraid of robots dominating humanity.

then it came “the matrix”, that presented us a world dominated by machines.



by then I was already studying electronics… getting to know Murphy and his laws.


In my opinion we are still very far, we are safe… we just need to see the following videos…





Music = Drugs

Art, Music

I just read this article in which the researchers corroborate something that we all already knew…


That’s very bad because now the “conservative” parties have a scientific prof… they will start banning more music for being too addictive.

People like me, that listens to music over 8 hours a day, is going to be fired… because we are always high of music.

to end this post, I will let you with a song of Philip Glass that will make you feel like you are really on drugs.

Kickstarter and the Sundance movies


Kickstarter is a great project that now is allowing the “consumers” to put their money in the “crap” that they really want. I’m considering to get fundings for my new “secret project” this way.

What is even more amazing about Kickstarter is that 14 movies from the Sundance festival where founded by the people.

I’m particularly interested into the movie about the drama of being a game programmer.

Indie Game: The Movie

Interview with Vangelis


Maybe the guy interviewing wasn’t the best… because he didn’t knew him very well… but anyway, I have enjoyed his words.

“What we need more than anything else is to invest in beauty, because beauty is harmony… that comes from chaos. But we invest in chaos… because chaos is more profitable”

The parts that I didn’t liked was at the ending, all that images of violence combined with inspiring music.


I have been reading the Milan Kundera book called “Ignorance” and he makes a great analysis of the word “Nostalgia”. If you miss your past, your home, you should read this book.
After watching the following videos, that word was the only thing in my mind…
The Videola
A record player that plays slices of wood
Imagine in a future, that thanks to the technology, we will be able to recreate the images from our past. Not only as pictures or movies, but being able to live again that moments, over and over…
that idea has been in my mind  since I was very young and I saw the movie Strange Days.
What would you like to remember forever?

Sweden and the Design

Art, Music

One afternoon walking by Stockholm, it started to rain. Just by chance I was close to the Nordiska Museet (a museum of Swedish traditions) and I entered. During my first visit to the museum I didn’t had the opportunity to visit the full exhibition because (weird) the museum closes at 5 PM. This time I decided to go to the Möblerade rum (Furniture Room)… and I was amazed by the things that I saw. In Sweden the Design is a fundamental part of things. We just need to check the newest catalog of IKEA to understand.

Design in Sweden is everywhere, we just need to see the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer/drum-machine/etc. I have to admit that looks really nice with those white buttons and the beautiful OLED screen.

More examples in music, we have the Clavia, another company from Stockholm. I fell in love with this synthesizers since the first time I saw a real one.

The last example its a comparison between the German design (brought to us by Behringer) and the Swedish. Both pictures are USB audio cards. One costs around 25 euros and the other 500.

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Even when I hate american remakes of foreign movies… I can not hate this movie. The history is great, the directory is excellent and the music is by Trent Reznor. In this video they comment very interesting things about the sound of the movie.
I agree completely that you cannot make music for a film without considering the sound.

and the cover of “Immigrant Song” sounds great