The reason I got an iPod


A  few days ago I finally decided (after 3 years thinking) to buy an iPod. I was still very happy with my Creative MuVo Tx; 512 MB (around four albums), over a week of battery life, USB stick function , compact and simple. However, the touch screen+apps is very seducing.

In my head, I have a set of ideals… and the main of all is the “freedom”. That ideal allows me to freely change the other ideals…

I always thought I was going to get an Android  phone when I decided to change my current phone. But my minimalistic Samsung Corby is great. I can make calls, send SMS, check my email, but the best of all is that the battery last around two weeks (Yes I’m obsessed with battery life). My phone and my MP3 player (fortunately) refuse to die 🙂

Then I started reading some things like this about the Android OS:

Issue 3434:     need NDK support for real-time low latency audio; synchronous play and record (Note: I don’t know if this has been solved nowadays)

That’s to bad for the developers of audio apps. Since I want to create and use audio apps I was forced to go for the Apple products.

I went to the store I got the iPod touch 8GB, the cheapest version… and the first thing that I made was to  get some music apps and a nice case 🙂

A new journey starts…