Me, the great DJ


The past few weeks I have looking at DJ stuff. Since the reduction in cost of Traktor and the release of the new F1 controller, I have felt very tempted…

I cannot see those knobs and shiny colors, because I start drooling…

I think I should become a DJ… but I have mixed feelings.

I come from a place in which we believe that music is made with musical instruments… guitars, drums and maybe a keyboard. The only machines that you’re allowed to use are amplifiers and distortion pedals. But the DJ stuff has a very bad reputation.

The main reason is that any guy that is able of fading one song into another calls himself a DJ. The world is full of “song gluers”…

Is hard to quantify if these song gluers have musical talent or not.  I the past it was a challenge to combine two songs: matching the tempo, matching the pitch and effectively using  parts of different song in order to create new melody. But the guys of Native Instruments and many others have made great job simplifying the DJ workflow; anyone can mix. However, the fact simplifying the things, in the reality it makes them more complex.

Traktor is not anymore a software that only allows you fading songs. It is now a real time sequencer, an instrument that allows you to improvise and create full song from small pieces of audio.

In my opinion, the talent of a DJ lies on its capability of  creating. We just need to look at big artist like the Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk or the Prodigy.

The other predominant idea is that the talent of a DJ is the ability of connecting with the people… to make them dance and play the music that they want to listen.

In that case, I’m screwed…

One of my abilities is that I always play the music that the people does not want to listen.


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