I would love to make guitars


Since I got my first acoustic guitar it has been  in my mind the idea of making my own guitar. My first guitar was a cheap but effective “Guitarra de Paracho”. It was a heavy duty guitar, I dropped it a few time to the floor, I was in the middle of the rain with it and I hit some of my friends. Paracho is the name of the town in Mexico, and it is very famous for their guitars. Here you can see a picture of the entrance to the town.

My guitar cost around 15 dollars and it was really good.

My girl has a very nice guitar as well. A Kremona made in Bulagria. I’m not sure if this is the model, but looks just like this:

If you want to get one of these in the US you need to pay at least 300 dollars… and they have some models that are reaching the 2000. If you wonder how can they be so expensive, just take a look at this video.

“Pedazos de madera, amor, esmero, celo, conocimiento y 299 horas de trabajo, concentradas en una peli­cula de algo mas de 3 minutos”.

Some time ago I though about making my own electric guitar. Therefore I started looking at books, manuals, tools and material suppliers… and my conclusion was that is not an easy hobby. First I don’t have the space neither the money to to get all the tools. The perfect situation would be to have access to one of these machines like the ones that DBZ guitars uses. Check this video, it’s amazing the way the drill creates a beautiful guitar body.

But we don’t need to get fancy, I just need to go again to IKEA and get some materials… then I would be able to build something like Seasick Steve’s hubcap guitar…


Ibanez Powerlead resurrection

Electronics, Nostalgia

The ibanez Powerlead was my first distortion pedal. It was a present from my cousin.

Through the years, the pedal started having problems, the switch worked from time to time and the plastic case broke.

Since I have been building guitar pedals, I decided to fix my Powerlead.

Here is the result.

The reason I got an iPod


A  few days ago I finally decided (after 3 years thinking) to buy an iPod. I was still very happy with my Creative MuVo Tx; 512 MB (around four albums), over a week of battery life, USB stick function , compact and simple. However, the touch screen+apps is very seducing.

In my head, I have a set of ideals… and the main of all is the “freedom”. That ideal allows me to freely change the other ideals…

I always thought I was going to get an Android  phone when I decided to change my current phone. But my minimalistic Samsung Corby is great. I can make calls, send SMS, check my email, but the best of all is that the battery last around two weeks (Yes I’m obsessed with battery life). My phone and my MP3 player (fortunately) refuse to die 🙂

Then I started reading some things like this about the Android OS:

Issue 3434:     need NDK support for real-time low latency audio; synchronous play and record (Note: I don’t know if this has been solved nowadays)

That’s to bad for the developers of audio apps. Since I want to create and use audio apps I was forced to go for the Apple products.

I went to the store I got the iPod touch 8GB, the cheapest version… and the first thing that I made was to  get some music apps and a nice case 🙂

A new journey starts…

No it’s not my birthday

Electronics, Music, Nostalgia

A few days ago me and my flatmate went to throw some trash to the recycling room. I was very happy when I saw that someone left this beauty  in the electronics container.

Even when here it is illegal to take the things from the container, I felt like a “savior” not as a “thieve” when I took this to my house. First I thought to take all the electronics, but it was a very nice surprise that the keyboard works perfectly.

This keyboard is a Casiotone MT-65. It is almost as old as me. The sound is very nice. According to Wikipedia this series of keyboards uses a synthesis method called “Vowel-Consonant synthesis”. The thing that I liked the most is a type of  delayed modulation that sounds like having aftertouch. You press the key, and some milliseconds after it starts to modulate the sound with a tremolo like. Most of the sounds a very interesting.

One cool thing is the rhythm box. It has many rhythms programmed and you can change the tempo with a knob to get cool effects.

This guy made an interesting modification to the keyboard:

Thank you very much to the person that gave me this present.

Everything is a Remix Videos

Art, Music, Nostalgia

A few weeks ago I was playing with a step sequencer that I made in Processing. I used a random approach to get something with a good sound… by just tweaking I got a very nice bass line… but then I started to think… maybe that cool bass line wasn’t product of mine…

Luckily I started watching these “shocking” videos that helped me overcome the potential (not-yet-proved) plagiarism of my bass line.

It’s a series of 4 videos, all of them are great.

After watching these videos I think that I going to change my approach of making music… I’m always trying to get the most original sounds, without using samples… maybe that’s the reason I’m not very productive.



I have been reading the Milan Kundera book called “Ignorance” and he makes a great analysis of the word “Nostalgia”. If you miss your past, your home, you should read this book.
After watching the following videos, that word was the only thing in my mind…
The Videola
A record player that plays slices of wood
Imagine in a future, that thanks to the technology, we will be able to recreate the images from our past. Not only as pictures or movies, but being able to live again that moments, over and over…
that idea has been in my mind  since I was very young and I saw the movie Strange Days.
What would you like to remember forever?