Weekend Projects

These are a selection of small projects that I have made using just a few hours.


An OSC enabled hybrid synthesizer made during the MIDI Hack in Stockholm.


You can find more information here: Monobleep/Meeblitron


Is a simple Max For Live synthesizer inspired by the Arturia MicroBrute



Check the full blog post here: MicroBruto: A Max for Live simplesizer

HMH Mixer

This is a small program I made to help me understand the effect of mixing two audio signals.


Find the full blog post here: HMH Mixer

The Noname Oscillator

This is a basic synthesizer that I made reusing parts of other projects.


Extendra board

This is a simple microcontroller board that I designed to add analog and digital I/O to other boards.

Extendra boards

Extendra boards

You can find the blog post here: Making an extension board “Extendra”

Meeblip Editor

This is an editor for the Meeblip synthesizer. It’s a standalone application created using Max.

MeeblipEditor Here you can find the blog post: My editor for the Meeblip



Mocotron is my first published Reaktor instrument. It is an imitation of the Korg Monotron. If you are a Reaktor user, you can download it HERE.

You can read the my post on it here: Mocotron: a Monotron inspired Reaktor instrument


A single touch PC version of SoundPrism



Find the full post here: HackPrism a MIDI controller inspired by SoundPrims

Old Projects


This was the first programs that I made in the HP49G+ calculator using the C compiler. It is a logic function minimizer using the Quine-MacCluskey method. In the following link you can find the program and it comes with a user guide in Spanish and English.

SCSS (Switched Circuits Symbolic Solver)

This was a project that started back in my university days. I wanted to create a Symbolic Simulator of electric circuits using the HP49G calculator, and I made it. The problem was that I could only solve very small circuits because the calculator was not powerful enough. Some years later I started using Maple and I rewrite the code.

The program takes as input a SPICE-like netlist of components and gives you back the state space equations. The cool thing is that the code is not constrained to a few elements. You have the possibility of creating more complex components.

I have used this program to obtain mixed electric-magnetic symbolic models of power converters.

You can download the code HERE

If you are interested in using this program, just send me a message and I can give you an explanation of it’s use.


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