I would love to make guitars


Since I got my first acoustic guitar it has been  in my mind the idea of making my own guitar. My first guitar was a cheap but effective “Guitarra de Paracho”. It was a heavy duty guitar, I dropped it a few time to the floor, I was in the middle of the rain with it and I hit some of my friends. Paracho is the name of the town in Mexico, and it is very famous for their guitars. Here you can see a picture of the entrance to the town.

My guitar cost around 15 dollars and it was really good.

My girl has a very nice guitar as well. A Kremona made in Bulagria. I’m not sure if this is the model, but looks just like this:

If you want to get one of these in the US you need to pay at least 300 dollars… and they have some models that are reaching the 2000. If you wonder how can they be so expensive, just take a look at this video.

“Pedazos de madera, amor, esmero, celo, conocimiento y 299 horas de trabajo, concentradas en una peli­cula de algo mas de 3 minutos”.

Some time ago I though about making my own electric guitar. Therefore I started looking at books, manuals, tools and material suppliers… and my conclusion was that is not an easy hobby. First I don’t have the space neither the money to to get all the tools. The perfect situation would be to have access to one of these machines like the ones that DBZ guitars uses. Check this video, it’s amazing the way the drill creates a beautiful guitar body.

But we don’t need to get fancy, I just need to go again to IKEA and get some materials… then I would be able to build something like Seasick Steve’s hubcap guitar…