Sweden and the Design

Art, Music

One afternoon walking by Stockholm, it started to rain. Just by chance I was close to the Nordiska Museet (a museum of Swedish traditions) and I entered. During my first visit to the museum I didn’t had the opportunity to visit the full exhibition because (weird) the museum closes at 5 PM. This time I decided to go to the Möblerade rum (Furniture Room)… and I was amazed by the things that I saw. In Sweden the Design is a fundamental part of things. We just need to check the newest catalog of IKEA to understand.

Design in Sweden is everywhere, we just need to see the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer/drum-machine/etc. I have to admit that looks really nice with those white buttons and the beautiful OLED screen.

More examples in music, we have the Clavia, another company from Stockholm. I fell in love with this synthesizers since the first time I saw a real one.

The last example its a comparison between the German design (brought to us by Behringer) and the Swedish. Both pictures are USB audio cards. One costs around 25 euros and the other 500.